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ChaosMUCK is a themed roleplay MUCK based on the Saturday AM Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, StH Comic by Archie, player fanfiction, and other works. Much work has gone into making ChaosMUCK's roleplaying environment a great place for player's artistic and creative expressions in a free and non-disruptive environment. The individual tinyplots (plotlines created by the players) are carefully regulated and are kept on theme to create as much continuity as possible in line with the overall themes. There is, after much discussion, more of room for original concepts including hints of anime and other themes; HOWEVER, the basic premise is that all characters be 'Mobian' in origin. This MUCK's theme is about MOBIUS and does not have to constantly revolve around the canon characters. If you have any questions just ask. :) ChaosMUCK is up and on-line 24-7. While the IP# may change the name address is stable.