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Theme! - ChaosMUCK's Live Journal Community!

Aug. 7th, 2008

05:48 pm - Theme!

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Here's the very spammy Theme. So nobody gets confused(hopefully).

                           ChaosMUCK THEME
ChaosMUCK is, first and foremost, a roleplay area based on the world of
Sonic the Hedgehog. However, we are not based on any one aspect of that
world. What this means is, that if someone came up to you and said,
"ChaosMUCK is based on SatAM!" They would be incorrect.
What we're going for here at ChaosMUCK is to create a -world- for Sonic.
Not a saturday morning cartoon world, not a comics cartoon, not a video
game world, but an actual world using elements from all of these
We feel that, instead of basing our world on one set source, using that
source's storyline, we can offer more artistic freedom for a person to
create almost any kind of character they wish, and let them get into any
kind of story that they wish, without being restricted.
We're running things a bit more 'hands off'. What does this mean? Well,
imagine a game such as 'Dungeons and Dragons', if you have ever seen it
before. The Dungeon Master usually gives you a setting, a world, and
perhaps a hinted at main storyline to follow, and that's it. The rest is
up to the player. Will you follow that storyline? Or will you blaze your
own trail? That is what we are going for, here.
We want you to mess up our storylines, by introducing a dangerous
character. We want you to give us ideas about what you want to see happen.
We want you to bust into a scene and shake things up. This is -your-
world. This is -your- story. We're not going to shape it for you. We
want you to take charge and make this world as you see fit.
To that point, everything is up to -you-. Will Sonic constantly attack
Robotnik? Or will he step aside and let others do the job for him? Will
Robotnik constantly hate the hedgehog, or will he give up? It's up to
you. All we ask is that you keep your character, if it is a 'Feature'
character, such as Sally, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, etc., as close to
'canon' as possible. Beyond that, whatever happens, happens. That is our
We're aiming for everyone to be on equal level, here. Sonic and Co. might
be the 'stars', but they're not the only ones. Anyone can be a hero. We
aren't going to favor the main characters, over any others. If a new
group of original characters rises up, and starts kicking butt, then
perhaps the Freedom Fighters will get overshadowed. Don't be afraid to
try and be a hero. This is -everyone's- show.
That is the world that we are trying to create.
Anyhow, the important stuff:
The current year is 3236. We're using a modified version of SatAM's
history as a base. It's ten years after Robotnik's takeover. Sonic has
just recently met the Freedom Fighters. Robotnik doesn't personally
know any of them, currently, they're just annoyances.
There IS a Floating Island, aka Angel Island. There -are- humans, yes,
but there are few of them. Less than Mobians, that much is certain.
There are 'Zones'; special parts of the world where a gateway exists to
an area 'outside' of the normal world. There are no 'forced' relationships,
you are free to let Sally fall for whoever you wish. And there is -more-
to the world than just the Freedom Fighters and Robotnik.. but we'll
get to that later.


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