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Aug. 6th, 2008

03:29 pm - History!

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Here's the history of the Acorn Kingdom, the main area of the 'game', so to speak.
                        History - Acorn Realm
Recorded history begins a little over 3000 years before the time of
Sonic the Hedgehog. Records are sporadic, at best. Until about 1000,
civilization was mostly small clans of Mobians and Humans living
amungst themselves. Technology was low, rudimentary tools and such.
Most records were passed down verbally in song and story, though a
few people wrote these songs and stories down, and this is what we
use to tell history, today. There were few wars from 1000 to 2000,
though a few gained notoriety.
The Acorn lineage got it's start in 2460. They were not royalty yet,
however. THey gained notoriety in the Great War of 2650, having one
of the key members of the family being a general that was partially
responsible for the victory against the Humans. Although they had
been at war, Mobian and Human peace was formed soon after the end
of the Great War, with King Matrim Zoras signing a treaty with
Allen Brightner, King of the Humans. And this peace remained for
countless years.
In 2723, the line of Acorn royalty began. Owain Acorn was the first
Acorn monarch of Mobius, viewed as a powerful yet kind man, the
citizenry adored him. From Owain, the line continued, for many years,
until the line was nearly broken in 3056. Alistair Acorn was accused
of commiting atrocities unheard of for a king. However, in a case
that lasted for 5 years, the king was proven innocent, and the
betrayers to the throne who had started the vile rumors were exiled
to the land of Downunda for their crimes.
From that point on, the Mobian world remained at peace for the next
near-two hundred years. Until Robotnik's takeover in 3224. He tricked
both the Humans and Mobians that he was on their side, and went about
turning the Mobians into machines, while he removed his own Human-kind
from existence.
From there, the next ten years was a time of Robotnik creating his
mechanical Mega-City, Robotropolis, and going from nation to nation,
either destroying them or enslaving them. Station Square, the Mobian
city of industry, fell first. Then Downunda. And then several of the
outer-laying Zones of the world. Few were left unscathed.
During those ten years, the select few of the Acorn Kingdom that
escaped, notably the Princess, Sally Acorn, began to build up a sort
of rebel army to take on the threat of Robotnik. Dubbing themselves
the "Freedom Fighters', they began hitting the evil dictator with
a series of guerilla attacks.
Now, in 3236, Robotnik is learning of this Freedom Fighter threat, as
well as small uprising in the other nations of the world. Forced
to stop his efforts in mechanizing the world for the time being, he
is now focused on removing this threat to his world. Time will tell
if either side will ever be truly victorious..