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Faction Write-Ups! - ChaosMUCK's Live Journal Community!

Aug. 2nd, 2008

06:17 pm - Faction Write-Ups!

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Alrighty. These are the writeups for the Freedom Fighters, the Tyranny/Robotnik, and the Syndicate. Enjoy!

                            Freedom Fighters
History -
The Freedom Fighters are born of the Coup of 3224. During the attack
by Robotnik, several members of the royal family, and everyday citizens
fled to the Great Forest, known for its twisted pathways and hidden
trails. However, there was a bigger secret, hidden away within. Seldom
used, there was a secret hideaway created for members of the royal
family, should there ever be a problem in the main city. They called
this place Knothole. And it is there, that the refugees escaped to.
Totally concealed within the forests, the remaining citizens of the
Acorn empire went about gathering supplies, and building new homes in
Knothole. As Princess Sally grew, the refugees began to look to her as
their pillar of strength, and their leader. And it is here, that the
Freedom Fighters were born. It began with a simple attack on a Hover-
Caravan, and only grew from there.
Beliefs -
The Freedom Fighters believe in, well, gaining their freedom, above all
else. To that end, they will do -nothing- that jeapordizes gaining that
freedom. Sure, they will attack the city rarely, to gain supplies, but
they will -never- plan an all out raid on Robotropolis, or even a
supply caravan. They work in secret, silence, stealth. They believe in
the Crown, as obvious by having Sally as their leader. In their daily
lives, they believe in the codes of honor of their forefathers. All are
equal to one. No one will go hungry in Knothole, when the others have
food. Finally, they believe in removing Robotnik from power, by any
means necessary. They believe he is a blight on the landscape,
destroying life, and the planet itself. They will do what they need to
do, to stop him from ruining the world further.
Life -
The typical day for a Freedom Fighter generally includes waking up,
making breakfast, perhaps going out to meet friends, working out in
the fields or working with the harvesters to shuck corn, peal
potatoes, etc, and then either relax, or for a soldier, start to plan
the week's raid. Then there's lunch, more work, then dinner, and then
finally, sleep.
The FFs food is gathered from various organic sources. Berries, fruits,
vegetables. Anything that can be grown or planted within their general
area. To that end, most every FF is schooled in farm life. Caring for
crops, raising them, harvesting, etc. The general citizen-to-soldier
ratio is lopsided in the citizen's favor, as most of the refugees are
women, children, and those too old to do much fighting. Most, but not
all of the resistance are the young and the healthy, though they will
use as many as they need, to get the job done.
New children, and those that are still young from before, are raised by
their parents, or by Rosie, the all purpose Nanny. Any children without
a home to go to are raised in Rosie's makeshift orphanage, though no
child goes without, or is mistreated under her care. Children are
schooled in the 'Schoolhouse', getting their general education, as well
as lessons in Rebelery. They are taught hacking and general machinery
by Rotor, General Fighting and strategy by Antione and Bunnie, lessons
in espionage, stealth, and infiltration by Sally, and Physical Education
by Sonic. The general teachings of history, math, etc, are taught by
various others, including some of the main FFs who actually paid
attention as children.
People are not often brought into the FF world, but some do indeed pass
the test, so to speak, and are allowed inside. Also, not everyone
managed to escape with the core FFs, but there are also many who were
not captured either, these few are usually let inside, as they have
family or friends already living within Knothole. However, most
outsiders are met with extreme suspicion, as they know there are those
that have been lured to Robotnik's side, and that there are even just
general thieves on the hunt. One could say they are almost paranoid;
but they lost an entire city, and most of their families, so they can
afford to be a little paranoid.
Types of characters -
Soldiers(the hunting through a forest type, not the pistol-weilding type).
Demolitionists. (Home-made explosives variety)
Knights. (There's bound to be a FEW left over, after all)
Hunters. (You know, for getting food)
Day care specialists. (Someone has to change diapers, after all.)
Entertainment(Singers, actors, etc.) - Someone to keep people happy.

(Anything else you can think of to help out in the daily life of a hidden
rebel village is also appreciated. This is just to give you an idea of
what you can DO, so you don't think you just have to blow stuff up in
If YOU want to play a Freedom Fighter -
You are the shadows. You never strike in the open. You always work as
a team. You never tell the location of Knothole, not even under extreme
duress. You always listen to Princess Sally's orders. You never leave
Knothole unless for a specific reason. Ever. You do not play in the
forest. You live off of scraps. You know how to live off of the land.
You know your way around a Bow and Arrow.

Typ                            The Syndicate
History -
The beginnings of The Syndicate can be traced back to the time before
Robotnik, even further back than King Acorn himself. During his father's
rule as King, laws of that age cast certain members of society out.
And one of these people cast out was a rat in both species and
personality named 'Dexter Finn'. Dexter, unhappy with being tossed to
the wayside, used his various contacts he gained while working as a
banker in the city, to pull together a group of men with a dedicated
purpose. That purpose? Controlling the darker aspects of Mobius.
They started out small; illegal gambling rings held in private homes in
Mobotropolis, which grew to be in nearly every major city of the world.
From there, they moved up to bribing officials in public office, the
police force.. And from there, into much darker actions. Assassinations.
Robbery. 'Protection'. They were gaining a fast-track to controlling all
of Mobius.. And then Robotnik came.
The Coup disrupted everything. So many of the members of The Syndicate
were lost that the group was all but destroyed when all was said and
done. Those that were left were mercenaries, and their numbers grew
over time, as mercs in general were viewed as traitors, for not
directly serving with the King's Army. These mercenaries were
gathered under false pretenses by Robotnik, and given a new leader,
and an ultimatem; do his dirty work, or face roboticization. They
chose option 1.
Their new leader, Fang the Weasel, disliked leadership.. but took the
mantel anyhow, not out of fear, but to have a network to receive
supplies and weaponry. Over time, his group started to gather more
members, not just mercenaries, but thieves, spies, and even those
on the more legit side of things, merchants and laborers. The offer
of protection is a strong factor in their choice of lifestyle.
Anyhow, as their numbers grew, The Syndicate started to show signs of
what it once was; it has begun gaining footholds in the remaining
cities of the world once again, and they have begun converting even
those loyal to the crown, to their own 'cause'.
Beliefs -
Those in The Syndicate belief in the -self- above all else. You are not
as important as -me-. Be that as it may, they also do have a strong
sense of comradarie. They may not take a bullet for eachother, but
vengeance for a fallen brother is commonplace. They believe in doing
what they have to do, to get the job done. Torture, extortion,
whatever it takes to do Robotnik's bidding. They believe in power,
above all else, and that is why they follow Robotnik instead of rebel.
They believe in money, despite it's lowered value after the Coup.
Daily Life -
Most of those in the Syndicate's daily life consists of doing whater
the hell they feel like doing. Drinking all day, partying, gambling,
whatever. However, those with a more focused job are a little
stricter in their routine. Mercenaries start their day with the
eating of breakfast, scanning reports for various jobs to do, and
either going out to do those jobs, or running simple security
within the city. They hunt for thieves, vagabonds, and rouge
machinery on a daily basis. The higher-level mercenaries' days are
similar, save for they devote their time to higher-level targets.
Full-blown Bounty Hunters usually are in the field daily; looking
for 'that hedgehooog!' or The Princess, or anyone else on
Robotnik's 'List'. If not working, they can be found winding down
the day in one of their rough bars throughout the city, starting
fights, or just keeping to themselves.
The thieves in the Syndicate employ are usually out looking for
marks, trying to find a sucker to take from. They also spend
most of their time in the various bars and inns in the city, though
they tend to keep amungst themselves.
Those actually in charge? They start the day keeping track of
-everything-, and do so throughout the day. They don't have days off,
and they don't have time off. They are constantly at work, doing
whatever needs to be done to keep things running smoothly. Most
don't get their hands dirty, but a select few are, well.. a bit more
'hands-on', so to speak.

Types of Characters(Jobs) -
Bounty Hunter.
Why You Should Make A Syndicate Character -
You want to play a bad ass mercenary. You want to play an idiotic
mercenary. You want to play someone who's a little less than nice.
You really, -really- like The Sopranos. You want to play an assassin.
You want to be in control. You want to play someone a little bit
more powerful than your average joe. You don't mind always being
at risk for a fight.e your cut contents here.

Type                            The Tyranny
History -
In the Mobian year 3218, a man named Ivo Robotnik walked into the city
of Mobotropolis, seemingly a broken, beaten man. This man caused quite
a stir, as he was -human-, not really a rarity on Mobius, but
definately so in the kingdom of Acorn. After several days of
questioning, this man revealed that he was cast out of his homeland,
for showing signs of sympathy to Mobian kind. Apparently, the humans
were starting to show signs of anti-Mobian thinking, and were
eliminating all with opposing views from positions of power. Robotnik,
being quite the military mind, was eventually relegated to the status
of Minister of War, after the current owner of the title mysteriously
vanished, and Robotnik being deemed worthy for his growing
constributions to both society and their intelligence efforts.
Indeed, Robotnik was very forthcoming with secrets of the human empire.
He told King Acorn everything he could, giving him information that
would help them better know their once friend, turning enemy. In his
new position of power, he revealed to have quite a knack for technology,
building all sorts of wonderous machines for the city, including a line
of peace-keeping machines called PEACEbots, and a form of energy
efficient transport, the Hover-Unit.
Eventually, Robotnik's nephew Snively soon defected as well, becoming
Robotnik's assistant. All seemed to be well, the citizens grew to
enjoy the company of the seemingly kind-hearted and jovial Ivo.
Unfortunately, everything was a lie.
In 3218, Ivio Robotnik went to the leaders of the human empire and
proposed a plan. He would infiltrate the Mobian homeland to better
learn about their war potential, their economy, and anything else that
could be of benefit to the human empire, should they ever have use of it.
The plan was accepted, and Robotnik was dumped a few miles from the
city. He walked the rest of the way, doing his best to appear haggard
and weak. And trust was gained.
Unfortunately, this too, was all an elaborte fabrication.
In the year 3210, Ivo Robotnik devised a plan. Along with his nephew
Snively, he hatched an ingenius plot to destroy the two most powerful
nations in the entire world. Why? His entire life had been devoted
to learning, and at some point in his childhood, his learning took a
bend towards the technological. It was in learning about machines that
Robotnik found his destiny. Machines do not care. Machines do not feel.
Machines are perfect. Machines obey. He found that the faults of the
organic mind far outweigh the benefits of allowing it to continue
to pollute the world with its chaotic existence. Only in Order, would
the world find true potential.
His distaste for life ran even further than simple Chaos vs Order.
Organic life exists to die. It rarely seeks to better itself, and
when a mass of life begins to form, it begins to crush the other life
around it. Were life to be replaced with wires, gears, and oil, it
could be controlled, focused, and eventually better itself beyond
eating, sleeping, and expelling waste. With artificial life, he could
extend the Mobian reach to far beyond the borders of their wasted
world, he could reach for the stars. -Literally-.
Seeing himself as somewhat of an 'environmentalist', Robotnik took
action. Gaining the trust of both sides was easy. It was when he began
to plant seeds of destruction in either side that the real beauty of
his plan took shape. His PEACEbots were put in place even in human
society, and his inventions began to shape the very direction of life
itself. Mechanical doctors, infallible with a scalpel. Better ovens,
faster cleaning machines.. His only real competition was a hedgehog
man named Charles, the Minister of Science.
In truth, many of Robotnik's devices were stolen from this man. Being
friends with Charles, he showed sympathy when they couldn't understand
how his plans were being lost. Charles, the ever-trusting soul, never
thought to look to his best friend for his culprit.
It wasn't until he got to see Charles' newest invention in action, that
his plan began to truly move towards completion. A device that could
automatically attach a mechanical limb either to create one where
none existed, or to replace a limb that was non-functional. In
testing, the flaw in the device became apparent: with sufficient power
input, and a few re-directed commands, the device to could turn the
entire body to machine. Needless to say, the results were disastrous,
as the subject lost all free-will, becoming a blank, mechanical slate.
The testing was halted, and the device scrapped, with the plans
immediately deleted. Or so they thought.
Having directed the plans to his own offices, he began to work on a
more manageable prototype. And once a faster, more stable device was
created in early 3224, he set the rest of his plan into motion.
December 13, 3224. Early morning. As most Mobians were rising out of
bed, they were greeted with a sight beyond imagination. PEACEbots,
their eyes glowing -bright- red instead of the usual blue, filling
their homes, blasters at the ready. The change in power was mostly
quiet, save for pockets of resistance, here and there. With so many
PEACEbots in place, all resistance was entirely futile. Most Mobians
were led off to the newly christened 'Roboticizer' that very day.
Robotnik himself awoke King Acorn, and if it wasn't for his
Daughter's quick thinking, she would have been captured as well. But
she, and a band of her closest friends, managed to lead others to
One of Charles' most feared discoveries was the 'Void', a massive
portal to what seemed to be some kind of other dimension. The device
to open said portal had been locked away for some time.. Until
Robotnik took over. Dragging the king to the location of the device,
he gave the ruler what he considered a 'fair' demise; allowing him
to keep his free will, but instead tossing him into the Void,
cursing him to an existence in a potentially hostile world, never
to see his home, or family again. However, when Robotnik crushed
the device to open the portal underfoot, the portal.. moved.
No matter, with the king gone, all resistance was quelled. Taking
the mantel of King of Mobius, he set into motion part two of his
plan - the total annhilation of humanity.
Why humans, and not the Mobians, as well? Having done private tests
with the Roboticizer, it was revealed that humanity actually kept
a large portion of free-will, but lost enough to enter a state
between control and chaos; becoming nothing more than a raging
mechanical monstrosity. That, and, the natural human intelligence,
slightly higher than that of Mobianity, was seen as a threat, and
what's best to do with a threat? Eliminate it.
So, on December 15th, 3224.. Most humans did -not- awaken. Most
were executed in their sleep, while those that managed to escape,
and incite rebellion were executed wherever they managed to be
caught. The genocide went on for days, until every last human
was put to the grave. Harvesting all he could from their cities,
he spared their home the treatment Mobotropolis recieved; the
human empire remains an empty husk of society to this day,
no life, no machines. Nothing.
Within the following months, Robotnik took control of every
major city in the world, by force. With his new army of
roboticized Mobians, all fell quickly, and easily. Time began to
move faster, as he began to slowly shape the world in his image..
Ten years later. The current year. Mobotropolis does not exist
any longer. It is now the mechanical capital, Robotropolis. Many
of the other cities of the world are shaped to a similar degree,
though some are barren wastes where nothing survives.
It is now, that Robotnik has learned of growing resistance. Not
like before, scattered pockets of random attacks; no, this is
organized, quick, dangerous. Having only begun to work on
harvesting the Great Forest for fuel, he is learning that his
foes remain hidden, somewhere inside.
And a more.. interesting thorn in his side has begun to take
shape. A blue hedgehog, similar to his old friend 'Charles'. Only
this one isn't a gullible fool, like his forebearer. No, this
one attacks his factories, causes his projects to fall through..
A hatred is growing. Beyond his hatred for life itself. He has
begun showing signs of actually putting his plans -aside- to
deal with this new menace. Something about that hedgehog..
Something about him, makes Robotnik's cold, metal heart
Beiefs -
Those that are part of the Tyranny believe nothing for themselves.
They believe whatever Robotnik believes. Robotnik believes in
the total mechanization of life; he must make everything -metal-.
He believes organic life to be a blight upon the landscape, and
wishes nothing more than to eliminate it utterly. He believes in
total control, beyond all else. He believes in Order, direction,
focus. He believes THAT hedgehog should be -destroyed-. He believes
in working -only- with machinery; there will be no organic
creatures living in Robotropolis.
Daily Life -
Daily life for those working directly under Robotnik is boring. Menial.
Routine. Focused. Mechanical. Since those closest to the man are
machine, every one of them has a designated task relegated by the
master control overseen by Robotnik himself, and watched with keen
eyes to make sure their programming is in top shape. Robotnik himself,
however, his daily routine isn't so structured. Most days, yes, he
wakes up, eats, and usually starts his day going over reports of what
he missed while asleep; logs of work activity, any attacks by
resistance groups, any attacks by Sonic, and what they plan to do
that current day. Then, if there are no reports of resistance
activity, Robotnik goes about his day monitoring the goings on
within the city, as well as within the Syndicate's designated area.
However, if there are any reports of resistance activity, Robotnik's
day changes. Almost all current work schedules are terminated, and
all focus is turned to eliminating resistance. For Sonic, that goes
a step further. Robotnik takes personal control over operations, and
all attempts are made to capture or destroy the hedgehog,
preferable capture, as he wants to know the secret of Sonic's speed,
and the location of the Freedom Fighters. Princess Sally is also
given this kind of treatment, though to a slightly lesser extent,
as she is much less of a threat.
At the end of the day, after Robotnik has exhausted himself yelling
at Snively and blaming him for the day's problems, Robotnik goes to
sleep in his private chambers, watched over by a large number of
Types of Characters - (That Robotnik Employs in his Personal Army)
Robots, non-sentient. - Robotnik does not enjoy giving others Free Will,
and as such, by and large, his creations do not have it.
Robots, sentient - A select few are given the ability to think for
themselves, for the most part, as they are willing and able to do
things that most of his creations cannot do; decide on a drastic
measure while apprehending The Hedgehog, use varying techniques
in an interrogation.
Why you should create a Tyranny character (or how I learned to stop
worrying and love the robot) -
You want to play a killing machine, literally. You want to create a
character free of morals, thought, and even free will. You want to
catch that damned hedgehog. You want to free the planet of the trappings
of organic life. You don't mind taking orders. A lot. You want to
try and play one of the hardest types of characters to play. You don't
want to have a lot of friends. You want to see the world through
mechanical eyes.
 your cut contents here.