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Server troubles, info, and a poll. - ChaosMUCK's Live Journal Community!

Jul. 22nd, 2008

12:18 pm - Server troubles, info, and a poll.

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So, those of you following this may have noticed that ChaosMUCK has been up, then down, up again, down again, etc., for the past few days. I managed to get in touch w/ Raven/Onix about it and he says the server it's running on has a bad system drive - however, the DB is on a secondary drive that's fine, so there's no danger of data loss. He said he has plans to rebuild the server w/ a new system drive, as well, so hopefully in the near future we may have a bit more stability.

All that being said, as a backup I've also managed to compile and run the basic install of GlowMUCK (the back-end server software) on my own home server. Next time I see Raven I'll see if I can get a backup copy of the DB and associated software, etc., just in case, so we can run it as a backup.

A few of us have been able to get together and talk about what our (ambitious? :D) plans are to try and resurrect the place. Everything from plotlines to RP, to the creation of new, smaller areas, and even hints about maybe forking into Second Life. What do you guys see as the future of ChaosMUCK?

Also, we should probably try and get all our contact info together at some point (maybe in a 'friends-only'-type thread) so we can keep in touch should there be further issues w/ stability, and put out some feelers to see if there are other people that may be interested in (re)joining us? :)

UPDATE: Chaos is back up again - MS pushed out a security update on the server OS that forced an unwanted reboot.


Date:July 22nd, 2008 09:52 pm (UTC)
No SL, I don't have enough energy to play another MMO.
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Date:July 23rd, 2008 12:55 am (UTC)
I don't have time for MMOs, period, but I'm all for trying to RP ChaosMUCK should it reopen.
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Date:July 23rd, 2008 02:14 am (UTC)
Well, we're, uh, zomg prepping to RP. :D It's up (again, unless we have more server trouble)..
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